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Cornucopia Farm, Virginia White Dove Releases

White Dove Releases for Weddings

Lover: " How beautiful you are my darling!
Oh, how beautiful! Your eyes behind your veil
are doves..."                               

                                       (Song of Solomon 4:1)

Beloved: "His eyes are
like doves by the water streams, washed in
milk, mounted like jewels..."      
                                    (Song of Solomon 5:12)

Tradition holds that if doves are seen on your wedding day, a happy home is assured. Doves mate for life and symbolize love, peace, and prosperity. A dove release after your wedding ceremony is the perfect way to create a memorable start to your marriage. 

The white doves are released outdoors at the conclusion of the wedding ceremony. Often the Bride and Groom choose to release a mated pair of doves together, followed closely by the release of a flock of twenty doves.

We will work with your photographer to coordinate the capture of this spectacular display in pictures for you to cherish forever.

White dove release anywhere in
our service area: $399

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