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Cornucopia Farm, White Dove Releases in Virginia and Washington DC

Our Release Policy

We release only well-trained, healthy, pure white rock doves bred from white racing pigeon stock. Only healthy, well trained, white racing pigeons have the strength and homing ability to find their way home quickly and safely.

We will only use doves which have been permanently leg-banded. If one of our birds is found, our dove's permanent leg-band contains information identifying its breeder so that the breeder can be notified. We promise to make every effort to retrieve our lost dove.

We ensure that every event has at least one experienced and knowledgeable release coordinator present. Our coordinator will ensure that our doves are handled safely and that the presentation and display are done in a professional manner. To ensure a successful dove release, a release coordinator must be there to make it happen.

We ensure that the release coordinator/s will wear appropriate attire, are always reliable, professional and courteous and will arrive early to your event.

We guarantee to return all fees paid when an event must be cancelled due to acts of God.

We ensure the safety of our doves by only releasing them only at outside events and in good weather. Our doves know how to fly home but they don't know how to exit a building so they must be released outside. Inclement weather causes doves to stop along the way where they are at risk from a variety of predators.

We promise to release doves with adequate time before sunset to give the doves an opportunity to safely fly home. Doves need daylight time to fly home. Spending the night away from home puts them at risk from predation and causes them to become hungry and thirsty which can further delay their return.

We ensure the doves' safety during transportation to the event. Doves will be transported to the event in boxes or cages which provide for the doves' safety and comfort and are designed for that purpose. The release coordinator will take personal responsibility for the doves' well being.

Doves will be released from locations where they can easily and comfortably fly home. We only release doves in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.


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