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Cornucopia Farm, Virginia - White Dove Releases

Frequently Asked Questions About White Dove Releases

Sunset Flight (Dovecote of Cornucopia Farms), 2007, by Thomas Mullany
Sunset Flight" (Dovecote of Cornucopia Farms), © 2007, by Thomas Mullany

  • Where do the doves go after they are released?

These specially-bred doves are homing birds. This means that they will fly directly home to their custom-built loft. They will not stop for a drink or beg for bread crumbs, nor will they waste time landing on statues or rooftops.  They usually circle the release site to get their bearings before heading home. They are in a hurry to get home because they have been trained that their food, water, shelter, protection, life-long mate, and babies are all waiting for them at home sweet home.

  • Will the doves make a mess when they are released?

It would be practically impossible because doves need to perch to mess. Therefore, droppings in flight are highly unlikely.

  • Can I see the doves before the date of my Special Event?

Absolutely! We welcome clients to our farm. Just call (540)675-2336 and schedule an appointment. Demonstration releases are free.

  • My minister will not allow rice or confetti throwing or balloon releases.  Will I be allowed to have a dove release?

We have never heard of a dove release being disallowed.  Unlike rice or confetti throwing, or balloon releases, doves are eco-friendly and tidy.  We will be happy to speak with your minister directly and answer any concerns or questions that he or she may have.

  • How do I reserve a dove release?

Special events are often booked months in advance.  To ensure that we have doves available for your special event, we encourage you to book early!  The fee must be paid in full and the agreement needs to be signed to reserve your special dove release.

  • Do you accept MasterCard or VISA?

Yes, we do, through PayPal. Click here to go to our Wedding Pricing Page for the PayPal link.

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